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Birdland Recording Studios: Client List

Birdland Recording Studio - Recording Artists and Producers

Bands, Artists and Producers who have recorded and mixed at Birdland:

Eddie Hinton - "Letters From Mississippi" LP CD
Eddie Hinton - "Very Blue Highway" CD
Eddie Hinton - "Hard Luck Guy" CD
Produced by Eddie Hinton, John D. Wyker, Johnny Sandlin

Christopher Toboggan - "Birdland" CD
Produced by Tommy Stuart & The popKorn Dudes

The Sex Clark 5 - "Battle of the Sex Clark Five" CD
The Sex Clark 5 - "Antedium" CD

The O-Men & Their LUV' - "Lost in the Leer" CD
The O-Men & Their LUV' - "No Twin" CD
Produced by Tommy Stuart & Simply Brillant Productions

The Chromatics - "Chrome Addict" CD
Produced by the popKorn dudes for Simply Brillant Productions
The Chromatics - "the Chromatics" CD
Produced by Jeffrey Simpson

Bishop Black - "Bishop Black" CD
Produced by Steve Lowery

Joshua Karai - "SingH" CD
Produced by the popKorn dudes for Simply Brillant Productions

Stevie & the Stealers - "Stealers" CD
Produced by Owen Brown

Will Thomas - "I Will Not Look Like Them" CD
Will Thomas - "Alabama Day" CD
Produced by Will Thomas & John D. Wyker

Spunk the Combo - "SpunktheCombo" CD
Produced by James "Murph" Murphree

Tracy Whitlock - "Tracy Whitlock" CD
Produced by Gene Howard Whitlock

Cheyenne - "Rebel Underground" CD

Three Hour Tour - "Patchwork" CD

Psyfur - "Out of Nowhere" CD
Produced by Jeffrey Simpson & PsyFur

Alan Livingston - "Alan Livingston" CD
Produced by Tim Livingston

Soul Groove - "Stranger Things Happen" CD

Tamerlane - "Mr. Gaspar" CD

Eric Dotson - "Impressions" CD
Produced by Josh Shelton

To What Extent - "TWE" CD
Produced by the popKorn dudes for Simply Brillant Productions

The Rubberband ™ - "My Heart Was Laughing" Mastering for download

Rock Killough & The MkNyte Brothers - Mastering and editing tracks CD

Christopher Toboggan - Tracks for a new CD
Charlie Jones - "Unplugged" CD
Stoner Prestridge - cutting the track "My Flow" for YouTube
Barry Hall - song writer demos
The Loop of Liability - tracking
The Next - transfer tracks to digital
CrossBatch RotoVator - cutting tracks
Johnny Wyker - recording/mastering/production
Duck Tape Studio - mastering
Very White Band - cutting tracks
Remote Control Monkey Head - tracking
Todd Whitlow - tracking
Noise Merchants - tracking
Produced by MisManagement
Chelsea Hale - record track for video shoot
the Nakkins - recordin' trackins
Shakey Comes to Town - record tracks
The Psychonauts - record tracks/microdosing
The Fabulous Twang Tones - record tracks
The MixonDixon Show - record track
The Dick Police - tracking
Heroes Wear Helmets - record tracks
Diesel Dawgs - "the Diesel Dawgs" CD
Chelsea Hale - "Starting All Over Again" CD
Produced by Cheryl Hale
the Weedeaters - "n2grass"
Bethany Hastings - record tracks
Chuck Leavell - mastering
The Watters Brothers - mastering
Saddle Tramp - record tracks
Eldridge Cockrell - record tracks
Tracer - record tracks
Tommy Stuart - song writer demos
Tom Pizza - record tracks
Shaun Ferguson - track "Wildside" TV Show Theme Song
Tommy York - mastering
Farmer - record tracks
Produced by Spooner Oldham
The Grass Who - lp restoration & mastering
White Trash Drama - record tracks
Oreo Coma - cutting tracks
The Horneto's - record tracks
Cosmic Trigger - record tracks
Technical Difficulties - record tracks
the Audio Idiots - record tracks
The OFF Brothers - cut tracks
Produced by Spooner Oldham
Dan Wright - "The Wright Equation" CD
Ragen Nunley - "Country Girl" 45 rpm
Cheryl Hale - "Closer Than I've Ever Been" 45 RPM
Michael White Band - "MWB" CD
Michael White - "The Gospel" CD
Rick Vaughn - record track
Rodger Plemons - "Buzz Hunt" CD
Twangin' & Bangin' - record tracks
Ken Womack - song writer demos
Joe Shortnacy - song writer demos
Five Men for Jesus - record tracks
G-String - record tracks
Hayward Franks w/Carla Russell - record tracks
Jeremy Marshall - song writer demos
Tony Hutton - singer demos
Tom King - record "Last Ride" 45 rpm
Slaughter Road - record tracks
Chuck Puckett - record tracks
Menace - record demos
On The Road Band - record demos
Kyle Morgan - song writer demos
Steve Oliver - song writer demos
Jeff Mayo - song writer demos
G-String - record tracks
Debra Manor - record singer demos
Jimmy Brown - song writer demos
Calvin McBride - record demos
Paul Nave - record demos
Jim Christopher - record tracks
Mark Richardson - record tracks
Mark Barrett - singer demos
Wishful Thinking - record tracks
Cliff Dealist - record tracks CD
Mary Ann Roy - singer demos
Kidd Terror - record tracks
John Rose - song writer demos
King - record track "Hey World"
AKA - record tracks
the SBI - record tracks
Produced by Jeff Simpson
Steamatics - record tracks
Riff Raff - record tracks
Rusty Morgan - song writer demos
Rick Kyle - song writer demos
Lenard Lainer - song writer demos
Gray Stone - record tracks
Spontainous Human Combustion - record tracks
Tuskaloosa - record tracks for cassette release