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Birdland Recording Studios: Services We Offer

Multi-Track Recording and Mixing

Birdland Recording Studio offers 24 up to 48 tracks of 24 bit digital recording using Alesis HD-24 Recorders through a Trident 8T - 32 channel analog console. The Trident offers 64 channels at mix down with 8 Track busses and 8 Aux sends.

Birdland offers the perfect enviroment to track your project, bring your beats, rap over them (vocal overdubs) and take a CD dub mix home with you that day or take your files home, overdub them, return to Birdland and mix. No summing problems and that great Trident analog sound. The mic pre-amps on this console are amazing. Come check it out!
Birdland Recording Studios (Apr 28, 2016)
Transfer Services

Birdland can transfer just about any media to CD. This includes: Cassette Tape, PCM Beta or VHS Tape, 1/4" Analog Tape, LP, DAT, and CD-R to CD format. We can assemble CD's for Weddings, Parties, Funerals, or any special event. So dig out your old basement/garage tapes of your band and have CD's made to sell or give to your friends. Call Jeff at 256-686-0375 or email to
Birdland Record Company (Apr 27, 2016)
Bama Lama Music Publishing

For information regarding publishing please contact:
Jeffrey Simpson
1219 Fremont Street SW
Decatur, Alabama 35601
256-466-4312 Please leave a message
Bama Lama Music Publishing - Bama Lama Music Publishing (Apr 27, 2016)
Mastering Services

Birdland offers mastering services to our customers. Our mastering system has the analog hardware and computer software plug-ins for mastering your music for production release. We can ouput a PM-CD ready to be pressed at a production facility such as Disc Makers or Oasis.
Birdland Recording Studios (Apr 27, 2016)