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Birdland Recording Studios: Music to Purchase

The O-Men & Their LUV' - Ghost Band on the Quad - CD and Downloads

A collection of the writer's lesser known songs from a wide period of time, from the 70's to about 2008. First 2 songs are steeped in Tuscaloosa music lore beginning with the fanciful title cut with deceased locals playing on Wood's Quad one night.
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The O-Men & Their LUV' - "Lost in the Leer" - CD or Downloads

Go here to purchase the CD, download the whole album or single songs:
Or just about anywhere they sell music!
Purchase at

Bishop Black - CD

Now available at or download from your favorite music web site.
Click here to buy the Bishop Black CD
SLC Records is now a division of Birdland Record Company

the Chromatics - Chrome Addict

It's Here! New CD now! It's Chrome Addict! Guest guitar solos by Danny Hall, David Mixon, Chris Simmons, Jason Speagle. This thing will melt your CD player!
the Chromatics - Chrome Addict

Joshua Karai - New CD "SingH"

Available NOW! You Nakkin Heads! Click Me!
This thing ROCKS! It's like Jeff Buckley on acid! Get you a copy now!

the Chromatics - CD

SpunktheCombo - CD "the blurred witch project"

The O-Men & Their LUV - CD "No Twin"

Tracy Whitlock - CD

Stevie & the Stealers - CD

Birdland Recording Studios - Tee Shirt - clothing

Pocket with Tee Shirt, comes with Tee Shirt, only Black, only Pocket Version, Large, Extra Large, Extra Extra Large only,
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SpunktheCombo - Tee Shirt - Clothing

Tee Shirt with pocket, Black, with band Name on it somewhere, only $25 dollars

Red 8 Joe - Expensive Coffee - buzz products

Long on Flavor - Never gets cold,
Coming soon to a coffee maker near you!

Pricey: TBA